Est. 2022

Our Story

Maleni atelier brings together artistry, design, and various spices. Cinnamon, ginger, or pepper are regular ingredients in the jewelry crafted by the visual artist Milena Ivanović.

These spices enrich the clay, giving it a unique texture and influencing the creation of different shades as well as the preparation of their formulations. In addition to the mentioned spices that are part of the jewelry itself, many other spices inspire the collections of Maleni atelier – sometimes a spice will inspire by color, other times by texture or shape.

What is characteristic of the entire range of jewelry is the dedication to details, hand-pressed reliefs, minimalist forms, natural tones, and a sense of harmony and balance that has always accompanied Milena’s work.

A word from our artist

“I wanted to incorporate natural materials into my work, considering that the design of each piece is inspired by organic textures and natural tones.

The idea of using spices as the natural ingredient came about because I have a strong connection to certain spices; their aroma often takes me back to childhood and reminds me of moments spent with loved ones.

My hope is that while wearing MALENI jewelry on special occasions, you will create cherished memories, and that a small necklace or earrings with spices will forever remind you of something personal and beautiful.”

– Milena Ivanović, Master of Arts, Head of MALENI Atelier

Things we are proud of

Since the tools and techniques to create the unique jewelry we envisioned didn’t exist, we started creating our own custom cutters and tools that enable us to fulfill our vision and bring you a true wearable piece of art.

Mixing spices and polymer clay was no easy task. Through experiments we learnt a lot about these ingredients in order to ship a long lasting quality product to you.